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What is a mala?

A mala is a string of 108 beads that has traditionally been used in prayer or mediation.  The larger, center bead is called the ‘guru’ bead, and is said to hold your prayers or intentions.   Malas can be used as a tool to help focus the mind when meditating.  The stone beads are believed to have metaphysical properties, with colors that correspond to the chakras of the body.

All my malas are hand-made using semi precious stones and silk thread.  They are made to bring you joy!  Wear as a necklace or a wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet. 


Semi-precious stones are also used in all my stackable bracelets.  Mix and match or go with what I have put tother. 




                                                                    Integrated Bliss

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